Digital Signage Increases Brand Awareness

By: James Barry

How does a corporation increase brand awareness across several demographics while maintaining control of a strict marketing budget within an economic downturn? The emerging leader in successfully solving this riddle is Digital Signage, also known as narrowcasting.

In today’s economy, retailers are being forced to face business and marketing challenges with very little budget or optimism. One of the major issues being faced across several industries is that of brand recognition and awareness. This is especially difficult when a business owner or corporation is trying to increase brand awareness across a chain of retail outlets, all in different communities with unique habits and culture. Many smart corporations across several industries have been turning towards digital signage (narrowcasting) services as a successful and encompassing solution to the challenge of brand awareness.

Digital signage, or narrowcasting, is a superior advertising vehicle that helps attract and retain customer attention at the critical point of purchase stage within the buying cycle. But what exactly is narrowcasting?

Narrowcasting is a cost effective digital signage system that is utilized to communicate customized messages easily to specific target markets throughout a variety of locations. High end monitors are placed at specific locations, both indoors and outdoors, including retail outlets, fast food, hospitals, building common areas, and even subway or bus systems. These monitors will display customized news feeds, product information, motivational messages, or whatever is important to business and consumer at that time.

The messaging on a company’s digital signage network can be customized to suit target demographic, specific neighbourhoods, time of day, weather, or products that need to be pushed. New content can be created, or for cost, time, and brand management purposes, exiting content from television commercials or web videos can be revamped and repurposed before being utilized as part of digital signage messaging. This will help to retain the same brand image throughout the buying cycle, while at the same time catering messages to suit a unique audience.

The benefits of increasing brand recognition and retention through narrowcasting are numerous. To begin with, If a consumer is exposed to customized and consistent messaging along the entire path of the buying cycle in a messaging manner that resonates with his or her personal beliefs, attitudes, and habits, that consumer is much more likely to recall and ultimately identify with that specific brand. Once a consumer feels as though he or she has identified with a particular brand, competing on the basis of cost becomes a non-issue in the purchasing decision. A secondary benefit is that digital signage will capture and retain the attention of in store consumers, providing entertainment and distraction from long lines or monotonous shopping tasks. This lends to a pleasant customer experience, inviting a repeat experience and motivation to return. As an additional benefit, the ease and immediacy of message alterations enable retailers to give and extra push to products that are not moving off of shelves, sale items, or even to upsell items at checkout. With the right narrowcasting service provider, the benefits really can be endless.

Contact a digital signage provider today and learn how a system can be customized to suit your particular business needs and further your brand identity.

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Article Source: Signage Will Increase Your Brand Awareness

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